Vox’s David Roberts on Trump and “Theory of Mind”

Vox’s David Roberts wrote a tweetstorm about how we’re compelled to look for narratives and patterns in the unpredictable actions of Donald Drumpf, and maybe we should, you know, stop trying to do that. He just expanded the tweetstorm into a full article for Vox, which he discusses with Stephan.

David’s original tweetstorm: twitter.com/drvox/status/862369…0%2Finterpret-trump

And his article in Vox:

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  1. Perhaps a chance to reach David Roberts to say how much I appreciate your sane and lucid writing on climate/transition–Kudos++++

    I often quote you–for example, your stellar tweets during Sandy explaining the “time lag”:

    David Roberts’ “tweet record” while Sandy worked its devastation David Roberts@drgrist

    Realtalk: The oceans will continue to rise for at least 50 years no matter what we do. We can only affect the latter half of century. There’s nothing Obama (or Bush, Clinton, Bush, or Reagan) could have done to prevent Sandy.
    Climate don’t work that way. Big time lags.
    The mega-hurricanes that we CAN prevent are the ones that will bedevil our children in the latter third of this century.
    The best we can do for ourselves and those alive in the next 50 years is enhance the resilience of our communities & infrastructure.
    Luckily, distributed renewable energy accomplishes both: reduces carbon emissions & enhances resilience. A two-fer! Let’s do it…” http://grist.org/climate-energy/hawks-vs-scolds-how-reverse-tribalism-affects-climate-communication/
    Best wishes to the best!!!

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